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European rights court faults Dutch for 2011 squat arrests
Live blog: Dutch election day as it happens
Wilders’ immigration platform faces massive legal hurdles
NL must do more against human trafficking: Council of Europe
Inburgering with DN: Dutch scandals you should know
Pro-Palestine activists “occupy” international court entrance
Syria snubs the Hague hearings into torture allegations
XR demands judges ban water cannon at A12 protests
Inburgering with DN: Dutch scandals you should know
New research debunks 10,000 steps a day myth: 7,126 is enough
Dutch bicycle company VanMoof bought by British e-scooter maker
Dutch ferry line suspends operations, strands travellers
One person killed in cargo ship fire north of Ameland
Igor Girkin, found guilty of downing MH17, is arrested in Russia
Rights court tosses Russian complaint against Ukraine over MH17
EU’s top court says mother of Dutch child must be allowed in
Dutch royals pose for annual summer photos with new addition
Little torture in NL, but Antilles are less safe, report finds
Dutch and Canadians take Syria to court over torture programme
Dutch Supreme Court says Crimean gold must go back to Ukraine
UN’s top court accepts Dutch intervention in genocide case
Russia makes debunked claims about MH17 before top UN court
Ukraine accusess Russia of supporting terrorism over MH17
Rights court says NL undervalued mental illness in deportation
Trouw: Dozens of Syrian war criminals may be in the Netherlands
ECHR okays sharing tapped phone calls in Dutch anti-trust case
Moroccan man loses deportation case at human rights court
Trial of care centre shooter starts in Dordrecht
Republicans lose lawsuit against king’s involvement in the legal system
Dutch, US sign call to action over responsible use of AI
Vermeer in Delft: His hometown highlights the story behind the story
European rights court moves forward with MH17 case
Coming to America: Rutte and Hoekstra plan US visit
Dutch state defends king Willem-Alexander in lawsuit over monarchy
A totally unbiased and wholly objective deep dive into the season’s best treat
Dutch are wrong to deport marijuana-using cancer patient: EU court
Part-time a problem? A 40-hour week was not ordained by god
Right-to-die campaigners take the Dutch state to court
Trial starts for nine suspects involved in deadly brawl on Majorca
The postman rings…42 years later
Hotel prices and occupancy rates rise in the Netherlands
Efteling capped at five million visitors per year to meet nitrogen targets
Dutch leaders remember Queen Elizabeth with respect and affection
Delft University joins Rotterdam, Scotland in offering free sanitary products
Man cleared of murdering girlfriend 20 years after conviction
Lorry driver who ran over motorcycle cop goes on trial for murder
Half of Dutch people have no trust in politics
Amsterdam wrong to detain Extinction Rebellion protesters: court verdict
Shell chief to step down after decade: Reuters
Flink and Getir locations in west Amsterdam must close by September 14
Inflation hits new high of 13.6%
Free sanitary products for Nieuwegein residents
ABN Amro predicts ‘slight’ recession by end of year
Dutch embassy in Baghdad evacuated
Intern discovers hidden second Bruegel engraving
Second regional heatwave declared as more records fall
Nine in 10 people hospitalised with covid have symptoms a year later
Peter R. de Vries murder trial may have to start over
Eneco to slash price for solar panel buyback
Farm buyouts may fall foul of EU state aid rules
Gas prices keep setting new records, NL tops European league table
Two Delft fraternities sanctioned over abusive incidents
Court asked to acquit man convicted of killing his girlfriend 22 years ago
Temperatures set to rise this week, some areas could reach 33C
Pushback against Hoekstra’s 2030 nitrogen goal remarks
Student housing shortage forces students to travel further
New housing permits fall short of 2022 goal
Trade unions threaten legal action over long covid compensation
Most expensive Lowlands ever kicks off on Friday
CDA willing to drop 2030 nitrogen pollution goal, says Hoekstra
Dutch on track for gas stock goal ahead of winter
Dutch open to idea of special criminal tribunal for Ukraine
Rotterdam planning crackdown on ‘anti-social’ drivers
Temperatures set to soar across the country
Dutch police arrest fugitive Chilean politican
Fewer visits to Splitsville: corona didn’t increase divorce rate
Chromium-6 traces found in groundwater at Tata Steel plant
Quarter of a million people in the Netherlands experienced bullying in 2021
De Vries murder suspects want reduced sentence, aquittal
Life sentence demanded for murder of famed Dutch journalist
Winter could bring as many as 10 million Covid infections, Kuipers says
Will Putin be sent to the ICC in The Hague? A look at the world’s most famous court
Delft – where housing is the talk of the town
Dutch protests against Russian invasion of Ukraine draws thousands
The Dutch medical system is terrible in new and creative ways
Trial of Afghan man accused of war crimes opens in The Hague
Dutch argue Russian state is accountable for MH17 before human rights court
Dutch destinations: You should definitely go to Goes
Booster programme ‘up to speed’ but not everyone will have one
Population growth in the Netherlands is back to pre-Covid levels
Four years in jail for man who shot at Saudi embassy
MH17 prosecution: suspects guilty even if they didn’t ‘press the button’
Prosecutors demand life for men accused of downing MH17
Prosecution begins closing arguments against four suspects in MH17 trial
Dutch destinations: Dordrecht, or Dordt to the locals
Appeals court finds Helpling cleaners are temporary workers
Uber drivers are employees not freelancers, says Amsterdam court
MH17 families express anger, sorrow as court case continues
Dozens of relatives of MH17 victims to testify at murder trial
One of the largest criminal trials in Dutch history kicks off in the Bunker
Mental health in the Netherlands at lowest ebb in 20 years
Watts up: Dutch electric grid is at capacity
‘Wild West’ shootout suspects in court
Dutch conspiracy theorist Joost Knevel arrested in Spain
More capacity needed to tackle environmental crime wave: report
Biggest Dutch pension funds are in better shape, cuts can be avoided
Multiply butterfly: Increase in Dutch butterfly population
Poor kids face disadvantages from birth, new research finds
Fewer immigrants came to the Netherlands during coronavirus
Italian drugs maker fined €20m by Dutch for hiking drug price
Proost! The Dutch are the largest beer exporters in the EU
Dutch start-ups break fundraising records this year
Tech investor CEO is highest paid boss in the Netherlands
Syrian asylum seeker in the Netherlands convicted of war crimes
Nike loses challenge to Dutch tax deal investigation
Asian drugs lord can be deported to Australia, court rules
UN tribunal upholds life sentence for the ‘Butcher of Bosnia’
Visiting the wreckage of MH17, nearly seven years after the plane was shot down
EU court upholds ban on pulse fishing, Dutch industry hard hit
No blanket refusal of Polish arrest warrants, says EU high court advisor
Bellingcat: Dutch MH17 journalist is connected to Russian military
Americans in NL are watching nervously as ballots are counted at home
Dutch teenagers go viral with Bollywood dance clip
‘Eating herring is a public consumption experience, it’s a ritual’
Relatives plan to address the hearings as MH17 trial resumes
’People don’t think of NL as a beach country but it has a huge beautiful coast’
Bar at centre of coronavirus outbreak openly defied rules in Facebook post
Lipton no longer its cup of tea; Unilever strains division from main business
One in four museums at risk of failing due to corona, says association
Cyclists and pedestrians struggle to share space in ‘corona-proof’ cities
General hospital care ‘nearly back to normal’
New mental healthcare law causes problems, experts tell Investico
Bored? School’s out and the kids are home again
Coronavirus EU bailout came ‘close to failure’ but new compromise being drawn up
Fewer premature babies were born during lockdown: Erasmus MC
The rollout of 5G in the Netherlands can continue, judge says
Coronabond debate opens old wounds, Dutch accused of lack of solidarity
Television station does not have to retract Baudet comment, court rules
MH17 trial restarts after recess without press or public
MH17 trial resumes briefly despite corona outbreak, more hearings in June
From starred restaurants to beer – food firms get corona creative
‘I wish Van Gogh had come from my country’
‘When dealing with Dutch colleagues, I had to be more direct or it wouldn’t work’
‘There is something very romantic about standing on a bridge, looking down a canal’
Despite internet, clubs and societies still have a key role for internationals
‘Complaining is deeply ingrained in Dutch culture’
‘I do own one orange shirt that I wear on King’s Day’
‘Left to my own devices, I’d eat at the snackbar every night.’
Company cars drove up total kilometers travelled, says CBS
Dutch population will rise by one million by 2035, says CBS
Clothing and plane tickets increase consumer prices
Nearly three million people in the Netherlands live alone, says CBS
Cost of renting a home rises but housing corporations keep a lid on
Turkish, Polish, Chinese or German? Other language Dutch news
What’s in a name? The new tourist map of Amsterdam
Forget Maastricht and Rotterdam: Eight places to host Eurovision
Yet another Dutch lifestyle craze? Nix it, stop reaching and drop it
Dutch destinations: good food and great shopping in Haarlem
Prosecutor wants Wilders to pay €5,000 fine for anti-Moroccan remarks
Podcasts galore: From English-language Dutch news to art and useful advice
Read all about it: Local news from every corner of the countryIt’s Dutch-American Friendship Day, but have you filed your taxes?
Teachers to strike on Friday, hundreds of schools to close
Radovan Karadzic, the Butcher of Bosnia, given life sentence on appeal
12 Dutch ads that have become cultural touchstones
Why is ‘The Evenings’ a Dutch Christmas classic?
DutchNews.nl destinations: there’s more to Delft than blue and white china
Fishy business – heralding in the herring season in The Hague
Delft is heating up this summer with the Sizzling Summer of Space
It’s Dutch American Friendship Day and the DAFT visa is not as stupid as it may sound
DutchNews.nl destinations: take the train for a weekend in Rotterdam
Local elections 2018: Delft
Life in a suitcase: The Expatriate Archive Centre celebrates 10 years
Today it is ‘animal day’ – but in some places, every day is Dierendag
Summer in the Netherlands: our favourite readers’ photos
How to go Dutch: the final installment, as those crucial envelopes arrive
Top blogs: From cartoon Englishmen to the best food in Amsterdam
How to go Dutch: The waiting continues as the stakes are unexpectedly raised
Water from heaven celebrated with Amsterdam beer launch
Americans in the Netherlands shocked by Trump victory
Six Dutch tours to keep your parents busy when they visit
Green fingers in the city: urban farming in Amsterdam
Volunteer organisation Access has been helping new arrivals settle for 30 years
How to go Dutch: Every time I pass an exam I lose an excuse to speak English
Biertje anyone? Here’s some key facts about Dutch beer
How to go Dutch: I can chat to the supermarket check-out girl but not about politics
Is a university campus prayer room any different to providing a bar?
Jobs, language, the weather: why don’t international students stay on?
How to go Dutch: ‘First, learn how to pronounce inburgering correctly’
From Bok to primordial soup – a 10-day celebration of Dutch beer
American comedian Margaret Cho returns to Amsterdam
Global memories: an expat archive
Immigration Office Softens Stand On Permits For Iranian Nationals
University of Twente honours the Mythbusters

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A zegel for the history books: the conclusion of the stamps saga
How I became too ingeburgered and learned the truth about zegels
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It’s democracy in action time, so go get water boarded
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Help! It is summer in the Netherlands and I’m being assimilated
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I hate to ask, but just how bad is the lockdown, really?

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Love and Death in Bali: Still good, a hundred years later
Amsterdam Red Light District: An interesting take on the Wallen
Amsterdam Trilogy: so many murders, such a small city
Grand Hotel Europa: A slightly problematic best seller
A failure of even basic geography: Testimony
The Diary Keepers: eyewitness accounts of World War II
War and Turpentine: A beautiful examination of the past
A personal history of WWII: Hiding in Plain Sight
Van Rijn: Too much packed into one story
Book Review: The Island at the Center of the World
Book Review: The Penguin Book Of Dutch Short Stories
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Book Review: 100 Dutch-language Poems
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Book Review: A surreal exploration of the Dutch asylum system
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Book Review: The Embarrassment of Riches
Book Review: Spread the Hagel
Book Review: A Beautiful Young Wife
Book Review: The Little Orange Handbook
Book Review: Learn to cycle in Amsterdam
Book Review: Unsolved Mysteries of Amsterdam
Book Review: Calvin’s Head
Book Review: How to Avoid the Other Tourists in Amsterdam
Book Review: Must Eat Amsterdam
Book Review: The House of Dolls
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