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Top rights court sides with Dutch squatters arrested during eviction 
Top UN court tells Azerbaijan to allow Armenians back to Nagorno-Karabakh
UN’s high court orders Syria to stop torture 
Belgium defends tax data sharing during ‘accidental Americans’ lawsuit appeal
Guyana asks UN’s top court to block Venezuelan border referendum
Europe’s top rights court OKs deportation of former US solider from Ukraine
Google, Meta win fight over moderation at EU court
Chemical tycoon’s ties to Putin merit sanctions, EU court rules
Venezuela moves to halt International Criminal Court probe into security forces
Top rights court partially backs German tabloid in using unblurred images of violent arrest
In surprise visit to Gaza border, ICC chief prosecutor says blocking aid could be war crime
Accused Sudanese militia leader denies involvement in Darfur atrocities
ICC drops charges against Central African Republic militia leader
Syria boycotts torture hearings at UN’s high court 
Portuguese youths demand action on climate change in landmark case at rights court
Top rights court orders Turkey to address systemic judicial problems
Ukraine gets widespread support in genocide case at UN’s top court   
Ukraine turns Putin’s rhetoric back on Russia in second day of hearings in genocide case
Russia asks UN high court to throw out genocide case
One year after Russian expulsion from top European human rights body, Ukraine war rages on
Climate justice case draws record number of countries to sea tribunal
Facing rising waters, island nations call on polluters to step up
Island nations demand climate change action at international sea tribunal
EU’s top court says Brussels is not required to end visa-free travel for US citizens
Rights court slams Russia for attack on Pussy Riot
Top European rights court rejects ethnic voting, striking blow to power sharing in Bosnia
Leader of militia from Central African Republic denies war crimes charges
ICC reopens investigation into Philippines deadly drug war
Rights court trashes abandoned Russian complaint over Ukraine
Nicaragua loses long-running ocean border dispute with Colombia
Olympic runner Caster Semenya prevails in rights case
Top EU court says data access rules apply to employers, too
Brexit bade toodle-oo to EU citizenship rights, top court says
Arguments on decade-old Russia-Ukraine conflict wrap up at UN court
Canada, Netherlands take Syria to court on torture claims
Russia urges UN high court to toss out Ukraine complaint
UN high court accepts record-breaking support for Ukraine in genocide case
Disputed Crimean treasures must go back to Ukraine, top Dutch court rules
Trial without punishment? UN tribunal orders alternative for accused Rwanda genocide financier 
The logo he deserves: DC Comics prevails in Batman trademark fight 
In latest legal clash, Ukraine calls Russia a ‘terrorist state’ at UN high court
Top EU court rules Polish judicial reforms violate bloc law  
Renewed conflict in Darfur complicates trial on long-ago war crimes
Ukraine must allow same-sex unions, European rights court rules
In final ruling, UN tribunal extends sentences for Serbian security officials
Top EU court tells Austria to tighten rules for environmental review
EU court finds holes in Swiss cheese trademark claim
Meta ordered to hand over documents in EU antitrust investigation
Closing arguments begin in trial over Mali war crimes
Apple returns to top EU court with billions at stake
At Iceland summit, European leaders announce system to track Ukraine damage
Far-right French politician found liable for racist comments on Facebook page
Death comes for us all, but it’s no excuse for flight delays in EU
EU court rules for Ryanair in pandemic aid dispute with Brussels
Knock, knock: Jehovah’s Witnesses need consent to collect data on Finland door-to-door visits
Zelenskyy meets with International Criminal Court, Dutch leaders in surprise visit
Top rights court rejects Bulgarian language requirement for campaigning
Rights court orders Moscow to pay $142M for 2008 war in Georgia
UN tribunal divides contested ocean territory between Mauritius and Maldives
Swiss fight on Covid restrictions marks first for Grand Chamber
Top UN court rules it can hear Guyana-Venezuela border dispute
Defense argues ex-president of Kosovo had no control over militia fighters
War crimes trial of ex-Kosovo president kicks off in The Hague
UN high court finds US seizure of Iranian assets violated treaty
In historic move, UN asks World Court to weigh in on climate change
Top European rights court hears pair of high-profile climate cases
Chief ICC prosecutor tells Russia to return Ukrainian children
International Criminal Court issues arrest warrant for Putin
Qualcomm antitrust hearings end with fight over jurisdiction
Brussels defends Qualcomm antitrust fine at EU court
Qualcomm accuses EU of mismanagement, bias at antitrust hearing
Shame list of Hungarian tax defaulters violates international law
Dutch court rejects call to eliminate role of king in judiciary
Mother of oligarch known as Putin’s chef ducks EU sanctions
International Criminal Court urged to investigate Turkey
OnlyFans ordered to pony up in UK tax case
For Ukraine, war rages on the ground and in the courts
UN high court tells Azerbaijan to clear roadway to separatist enclave
Trial on Kosovo war crimes opens with claim of fabricated charges
Countries sign military AI pact at historic summit, but is it enough?
Europe’s top rights court sides with LuxLeaks whistleblower
Dutch court blocks ethnic profiling by border guards
Missile supply used to down MH17 jet got Putin approval, investigators say
Tribunal upholds witness tampering convictions of Kosovo war veterans
Azerbaijan counters Armenia claims of ethnic cleansing with landmine accusations
Armenia calls Azerbaijan blockade an act of ‘ethnic cleansing’
Rights court agrees to hear cases against Russia over eastern Ukraine conflict
UN tribunal hears appeal in longest-running war crimes case
Rights court fines Lithuania for putting warning label on LGBT children’s book
Rights court hears case stemming from failed Turkish coup attempt
In landmark ruling, European rights court orders Russia to allow same-sex unions
Top EU court rules LGBT workplace protections cover freelancers
Top rights court finds fault with post-revolution dismissal of Ukrainian judges 
Dutch court opens trial of accused Eritrean human trafficker
France’s Zemmour can’t upend conviction for inciting hate
Airbnb fought the rental tax rules in Italy, and the rules won


War crimes conviction at Kosovo court is first of its kind
EU court adviser backs $1M daily fine against Poland in rule of law dispute
Warlord who was once child soldier loses appeal
Anti-monarchy activists argue for removal of Dutch king from legal system
In Netherlands, where euthanasia is legal, assisted suicide still taboo
Fine over naked wrestling exposé rankles rights court
International Criminal Court makes governance meeting off limits to striking lawyers
European rights court rules Czech woman can’t use sperm of dead partner
Forget it: Top EU court orders Google to remove results with proven falsehoods
Fight over Caribbean Sea territory returns to World Court
ICC prosecutor pushes back on special tribunal for war crimes in Ukraine
Rights court upholds Estonia decision to block violent prisoner from voting
Dutch wolves safe from paintball gun-toting park rangers
UN high court tells Chile, Bolivia to cooperate in water dispute
Kosovo war veterans argue for reversal of witness tampering convictions
Dutch court finds 2007 bombing of Afghan village unlawful 
Dutch can’t deport ill Russian who would be denied cannabis at home
Dutchman guilty of manslaughter for deadly bar fight in Spanish holiday hotspot
Three men convicted of shooting down passenger jet over eastern Ukraine
Centuries-old border dispute opens before UN’s high court
A long-awaited verdict for passenger plane atrocity blamed on Russia
EU court finds Brussels is doing enough to protect minority languages
Romania reprimanded for preventing petite woman from becoming military doctor
EU high court overturns $30M tax fine against Fiat Chrysler
European rights court OKs extradition of suspects wanted in US
Rights court rules trio got fair trial over killing of Cyprus businessman
Maldives tells sea tribunal dispute with Mauritius hinges on control of islands
European rights court hears yearlong house arrest case
Dutch right-to-die activists urge court to overturn ban on assisted suicide
Rights court OKs Belgium euthanasia law but faults review of woman’s death
Top EU court sides with passengers delayed on connecting flights
Dutch trial opens for 9 suspects charged over deadly brawl in Spain
Defense casts doubt on involvement, motivation of Rwanda genocide suspect
Trial opens at The Hague for alleged financier of Rwandan genocide
Polish surveillance draws fire at top European rights court
Defending asset seizure, US accuses Iran of backing terrorism
Parents of missing British girl lose libel case against detective
EU court adviser says antitrust watchdog can investigate Meta privacy violations
Iran calls US asset seizure part of destabilization strategy
Adviser to top EU court says OnlyFans owes more tax
Rights court tells France to reconsider repatriation of Islamic State wives
Google can’t shake $4.2B antitrust slap from European Union
Prosecutors ask for 35-year sentence for accused Kosovo war criminal
French blood bank wrong to track sexual orientation of donors, rights court rules
EU court adviser says LGBT workplace protections extend to freelancers
Latvia can force universities to use only national language
Translating justice: Interpreters keep international courts running
UN panel voices deep concern over abortion, racial justice in America
European rights court slams Russian protest rules
Rights groups call on US to tackle systemic racism
EU court rules against Italy in dispute over seizure of migrant rescue ships
Refugee families seeking asylum for children win at EU high court
EU court upholds ban on Russian broadcaster RT France
Genocide case against Myanmar moves forward at World Court
European rights court slams Italy for mistreatment of child refugee
Italian art squad thwarts illegal sale of famous painting
Ex-Iranian official gets life sentence in Sweden for murder of political prisoners
Un-feta-ed joy: Greek cheese makers prevail in trademark case against Denmark
Rights court condemns Russia for charges against elderly activist
Rule challenge by Nord Stream 2 pipeline operator gets second wind
New evidence delays verdict in trial over killing of Dutch crime reporter
Rights court slams Turkey’s refusal to release political prisoner
Top EU court limits use of air passenger data
British insurer ordered to pay Spanish bill for oil spill cleanup
Dutch foil Russian plot to plant undercover agent at ICC
Hezbollah members get life sentences for killing Lebanese prime minister
Chipmaker Qualcomm gets $1 billion antitrust fine overturned
Court hears closing arguments in trial over killing of Dutch crime reporter
Court finds Russian ‘foreign agents’ law violates human rights convention
Dutch trial over downing of MH17 comes to an end
EU and Russian state media face off in court over press freedom
Latvia off the hook for Soviet-era pension obligations
British expats lost their right to vote in EU countries, court rules
‘Think different’ about that slogan, EU court orders Apple
Prosecutors seek life sentence for suspects in killing of Dutch journalist
Rights court tosses case against Iceland over wheelchair access
More countries join Ukraine war crimes investigation
EU court upholds sanctions against ‘Putin’s chef’
EU high court OKs ban on cosmetics that look like food
As war rages, international justice teams are keeping a different kind of score
Prosecution addresses Dutch court for last time in MH17 trial
Special Kosovo court issues first verdict, finding 2 guilty of witness tampering
European rights court tosses challenge to mandatory health insurance
Malian war crimes suspect kicks off defense at The Hague
Meta challenges authority of German regulator at top EU court
Ex-Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi loses dispute over bank shares
German consumer watchdog can sue Meta, top EU court rules
Court adviser says EU residents can sue over pollution-related health problems
Google focuses on fairness, evidence in final jab at massive antitrust fine
Google accuses EU of cherry-picking contracts in ad antitrust case
Hearings begin in Google’s appeal of $1.6 billion EU antitrust fine
Uzbek men lose final appeal to stop deportation from Russia
EU top court declares Austrian border controls unlawful
Trial of former Gambian death squad member begins in Germany
Siding with Nicaragua, top UN court orders Colombia to curb Caribbean naval activity
Dutch court hears appeal of Ethiopian refugee convicted of war crimes
Dutch court sentences Afghan man to 12 years for war crimes
Physician convicted of assisted suicide loses rights appeal
Google must investigate links for false information, says top EU court adviser
Online bookings must clearly communicate an obligation to pay
International Criminal Court kicks off first trial over Sudan conflict
Ruling on phone data rattles Irish BDSM murder conviction
Bolivia tells World Court there’s no basis for Chile’s water claims
Bolivia and Chile dispute river rights before World Court
Top EU court says vouchers can suffice after Covid concert cancellations
Defense team in MH17 trial seeks full acquittal
EU court splits on air cargo cartel fine
Judges appointed by undemocratic bodies aren’t inherently illegitimate
UN high court orders Russia to halt invasion of Ukraine
Court finds Poland violated fired judge’s right to fair trial
Top EU court rules financial reporters can disclose insider information
In reversal, tribunal convicts Hezbollah members of killing Lebanese prime minister
European rights court grapples with ‘right to be forgotten’
Ukraine has few legal options to hold Russia accountable for invasion
Ukraine fights at top UN court to end Russian invasion
Defense in MH17 trial argues case against Russian suspect is unfair
Environmental groups get OK to sue Volkswagen
Maltese prisons during Covid-19 didn’t violate human rights
Top UN court wraps hearings in Rohingya genocide case
Ukraine fights Russian invasion at Hague court
Ukraine has few legal options to hold Russia accountable for invasion
American wanted for murder asks European rights court to block extradition
Selling tobacco to kids can cost shops their licenses
Romania can’t stop judges from checking whether national laws comply with EU rules
Poland’s slide into autocracy isn’t enough to block deportations
Lawyer accused of bribing witnesses for Kenyan official put on trial
Ugandan warlord urges court to overturn sentence for human rights abuses
EU can cut purse strings over rule-of-law breaches, top court rules
Afghan war crimes suspect goes on trial in the Netherlands
Europe’s top rights court turns down 30-year-old case on Northern Ireland Troubles
Rights court OKs Poland’s refusal to change gender on full birth certificate
Top EU court backs consideration on citizenship in divorce laws
Trainees also entitled to disability accommodation, EU court says
UN high court orders millions in damages for Congo, well short of billions requested
Lack of independence hamstrings Polish competition bureau, EU court rules
Ex-police chief at center of Malian war crimes trial accused of persecuting women
Top EU court adviser backs sharing of air passenger data, with limits
Spain can’t require declaration of overseas assets
European rights court hears case against Russia over MH17 crash
Intel wins appeal of $1.2 billion EU antitrust fine
Probe of how much EU members pay for arbitration gets liftoff
Solar company in waste-disposal spat prevails at top EU court
Rights court splits on Norwegian child custody cases
Top EU court backs citizen initiative to protect minority languages
Syrian doctor goes on trial in Germany for crimes against humanity
T-Mobile parent wins $2 million in back interest on reduced EU fine
Russian activist who spat on Putin portrait prevails at European rights cour
EU countries can’t revoke citizenship for drunken driving
Syrian official sentenced to life for crimes against humanity in landmark German trial
Portuguese journalist vindicated by rights court seven years after death
EU high court shoots down push for tougher car emissions rules
Rights court rejects gay discrimination claim in British cake case


Top EU court upholds law that balances compliance with sanctions
For flights too late or too early, airlines owe compensation
Prosecution begins closing statements in MH17 trial
Omicron fears cast gloom over Christmas in Europe
Ex-hotel driver sentenced to 14 years for complicity in Rwanda genocide
Concerns over Polish courts aren’t enough to deny extradition requests
EU court adviser urges letting Fiat off the hook for unpaid taxes
Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte gets fourth term under new government
EU court slaps at Bulgaria for letting child with two moms go stateless
Somali refugee wins second case against Norway over forced adoption
Dyson loses bid for compensation over EU energy label rules
Newspaper forced to unmask commenters prevails at rights court
Dutch court won’t hold Israeli military brass liable for Gaza War deaths
EU adviser backs privacy complaints brought by consumer groups
Romanian tennis star loses human rights case over article on debt
Top EU court adviser OKs budget plan tying funds to rule of law
Immunity for European central bankers limited to official acts, EU court rules
Top EU court returns Hamas to terror list after 3-year break
Russia loses pair of religious freedom cases at European rights court
Trial opens in Paris for hotel driver accused of complicity in Rwandan genocide
Outrage in Netherlands after new pandemic curbs spark riots
Except for the exceptional: EU member states have little claim to people’s data
Hungary’s ‘Stop Soros’ bill ruled illegal by top EU court
Decade-old fight over Canadian wind farm heard by arbitration tribunal
EU court green-lights deportation to UK of men arrested in Ireland
EU court upholds $2.7 billion antitrust fine against Google
Ireland doesn’t need to opt in to UK extradition treaty, magistrate says
Poland and Czech Republic face off over border coal mine at EU high court
Top European rights court declares bias in Polish judiciary
Dutch high court sets aside $50B award for Russian oil shareholders
Hungary defends tax defaulter shame list at European rights court
Venezuela protest deaths draw International Criminal Court probe
Trial over downing of MH17 resumes with clash over witness interviews
EU magistrate: Truck makers can’t dodge price-fixing case
Spanish mother wins human rights case over order of daughter’s last names
Top EU court finds arbitration deals between member states illegal
Azerbaijan asks UN high court to force Armenia to turn over landmine maps
Armenia asks UN court to protect it from ‘hatred’ of neighbor Azerbaijan
War crimes without a war? Rebel leader’s defense tries to minimize hostilities.
UN high court rules for Somalia in maritime border dispute with Kenya
Poland and Hungary tell EU to sever ever-tightening purse strings
Global arbitrators tackle naval incident that ratcheted Russia-Ukraine tensions
Battle over EU budget rule kicks off at bloc’s top court
EU gets green light to ratify domestic violence treaty over member objections
Magistrate says top EU court has no jurisdiction over agency relocation dispute
Marathon of Google antitrust hearings is a wrap at EU court
Arguments in border dispute between CO, NI conclude before UN court
Tribunal urged to overturn acquittal of men accused of killing Lebanese PM
Google, EU square off over record $5 billion antitrust fine
Google fights $5 billion antitrust fine in EU appeal
Japanese companies can’t duck quarter billion in collusion fines
EU magistrate sees discrimination in unemployment insurance exclusion of cleaners
Family of downed MH17 flight victims demand answers, justice
EU magistrate flunks emissions-altering vehicle software
Top UN court hears decades-old border dispute between Nicaragua and Colombia
Dutch court rules Uber drivers are employees, not contractors
Fuel tax exemption for Italian yachts ruled illegal
Belgium loses $825 million tax dispute at EU high court
Austria must give gay refugee another shot at asylum, EU court rules
Top EU court takes the gas out of tapas bar trading on Champagne name
Once-exiled child king of Bulgaria prevails at European rights court
Top EU court won’t force bloc to enact public-sector union deal
When he left abusive French wife, EU residency status went too
Digital age atrocities: a perfect storm for universal jurisdiction
Court gives go-ahead for first Dutch Formula One race in 30 years
Sudan fortifies road to ex-leader’s genocide prosecution
Trial begins in Sweden for ex-Iranian official accused of war crimes
Rights court nixes fine against Portuguese broadcaster in child sex abuse case
Dutch court reprimanded for hearing shoplifting appeal in absentia
Cheeky Condom Packaging Protected by European Rights Convention
Court Finds Ukraine Violated Rights of Fired High Court Judges
Syrian Refugee Convicted of War Crimes in Dutch Court
UK Can Deny Social Services to EU Nationals
Famed Dutch Journalist Succumbs to Shooting Injuries
Employers Can Ban Muslim Veils at Work, Top EU Court Rules
Just Do It: Investigation Into Nike Tax Deal Can Go Ahead
Bailout for Austrian Airlines Wasn’t Illegal State Aid, EU Court Rules
Fooled by Fraudulent Death Certificate, Rights Court Scraps Ruling Against Finland
Rights Court Rules Against Denmark Waiting Period for Refugee Family Reunification
Rights Court Slams Russia for Denying Parental Rights to Transgender Mother
Famous Dutch Journalist ‘Fighting for His Life’ After Shooting
Dutch Politician Who Insulted Moroccans Loses Final Conviction Appeal
Belgian Farmer Strikes Out at Top EU Court Over Refused Aid
Dutch Judge Rules Accused Drug Kingpin Can Be Extradited to Australia
Over-the-Counter Meds Not Automatically Available in All EU States
Dutch Judge Rules Accused Drug Kingpin Can Be Extradited to Australia
EU Magistrate Finds Regulators Had Power to Challenge Romanian State Aid
Ex-Serbian Security Officials Convicted of War Crimes
UK Can’t Deny Social Assistance to EU Citizen, Magistrate Says
EU Court Clears YouTube on Copyright Sins of Its Users
Prosecutors Wind Down Witness-Tampering Case Tied to Rwanda Genocide
Top EU Court Says Venezuela Can Sue Over Sanctions
Slovakia Closer to Moving on Arrest Warrant in Infamous Kidnapping Case
EU Internet Providers Can ID Customers Accused of Illegal Downloads
ICC Swears in New Top Prosecutor
Any EU Country Can Bring Privacy Case Against Facebook, Court Rules
Rights Court Says Russia Can’t Send Child Back to Ukraine War Zone
Magistrate Says EU Emissions Regulations Don’t Go Far Enough
Newspaper Not Liable After Herb Pastor’s Advice Sickened Reader
Court Rejects Extension of Asset Freeze for Ex-Ukrainian President
EU Court Thwacks at German Bailout for Thomas Cook Airline
Seven Years After Flight’s Downing Over Ukraine, MH17 Trial Kicks Off
Germany Broke EU Emissions Laws, Top Court Says
British Supermarket Workers Win Equal Pay Dispute at EU High Court
ICC Denies Release of Darfur War Crimes Suspect
Accused Thieves Lose Challenge to Indefinite Psych Holds
Germany Rapped for Denying Asylum Seeker Turned Down by Norway
Judges View Plane Wreckage Ahead of MH17 Trial
Big Brother Shouldn’t Be Watching: Rights Court Rejects UK Bulk Data Collection
European Rights Court Hears Case of Polish Judge Forced Off Bench
Rights Court OKs Iceland’s Denial of Parental Rights in Lesbian Adoption Case
Win for Ryanair at EU Court Over Covid Bailout Packages
Win for Amazon in Tax Fight at EU Court
Court Takes Up Bid for Boycott Over Israel’s Occupation of Palestine
European Rights Court Upholds Fine in LuxLeaks Whistleblower Case
Warlord Who Rose From Ranks of Child Army Gets 25 Years
UN High Court Wraps Hearings Over Congo Demand for Reparations
EU States Don’t Have to Recognize License Renewals by Other Members
Hearings Over Congo Reparations Kick Off at UN High Court
Warlord Seeking Lenient Sentencing Describes Upbringing in Brutality
Dutch Lose Bid to Overturn Pulse Fishing Ban
Victims Want Life Sentence for Ugandan War Atrocities
Attorneys Spar as Retrial Ends for Ex-Serbian Security Officials
Closing Arguments Heard in Retrial of Ex-Serbian Security Officials
Red Santa Hat on Communist Statue Not Vandalism
Schools Can Mandate Vaccines for Kids, Rights Court Rules
Rights Court Sides With Ukrainian Journalist Seeking to Shield Phone Data
International Criminal Court Upholds Acquittal of Ex-Ivory Coast President
International Tribunal Upholds Conviction of Congolese Warlord
Top EU Court Rejects Push for Stricter Emissions Rules
Child Custody Rules Do Not Extend Past EU Borders, Bloc’s Top Court Finds
Lego Wins Trademark Case Against German Rival at EU Court
Air Passengers Impacted by Strikes Must Be Paid, EU High Court Rules
Somalia Delivers Closing Arguments in Maritime Border Dispute
Dutch Prime Minister Takes Home 4th Election Win
Drug Labeling Case Marks First EU High Court Ruling in Irish
Dutch Voters Head to Polls Amid Worsening Virus Crisis
Belgium Can Reject Case Against Kuwaiti Officials, Rights Court Finds
First Witness Called in War Crimes Trial of African Militia Leaders
Maritime Border Dispute Moves Ahead at UN Court Despite Kenya Dropout
EU Treaty Ratification Over Member Objections Wins Endorsement
Top EU Court Upholds Local-Help Rule for Visiting Lawyers
On-Call but Only Paid if Duties Are Onerous, Top EU Court Says
EU High Court Finds Embedded Images Can Violate Copyright Rules
EU Magistrate Backs Changes to Romanian Supreme Court Panels
Charges Dropped Against Man Who Kept Family Isolated
Barcelona Soccer Club Loses Last Match With EU Over Taxes
International Criminal Court Opens Probe of Israel-Palestine War Crimes
Phone Data Must Be Limited to Major Crime Probes, Top EU Court Says
Dutch Appeals Court Upholds Coronavirus-Minded Curfew
EU Companies Can Ban Workers From Wearing Headscarves, Magistrate Says
Environmentalists Score Dual Wins at EU High Court
Scandal-Plagued Former EU Politician Loses Last Appeal in Bribery Case
Top EU Court Blocks Double Taxation of Improper Exports
UK Dad Can Fight for Custody of Baby Brought to India, Judge Recommends
Dutch Curfew Debated in Court as Lawmakers Push to Enshrine It
Hague Criminal Court Wraps Opening Arguments in Trial of Ex-Militia Leaders
Ryanair Loses Challenges to Aid Schemes Supporting Competing Airlines
Trial Against Christian Militia Leaders Kicks Off in the Hague
International Criminal Court Selects New Top Prosecutor
EU Countries Can Require Licensing for Dockworkers
Russia Asks Dutch High Court to Toss $50B Award for Oil Shareholders
UN High Court Turns Away Persian Gulf Blockade Dispute
Former Child Soldier Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity
UN High Court Will Hear Iran Challenge to US Sanctions
Shell Must Pay Nigerian Farmers for Oil Spills
African War Crimes Suspect Faces Reckoning at Hague Criminal Court
EU Employers Must Treat All Disabled Workers Equally, Court Rules
Top EU Court Offers Reminder That Cash Is King
European Court Finds Russia Violated Human Rights in Georgia Conflict
Uzbek Men Fighting Deportation Return to Rights Court
EU Magistrate Says Venezuela Can Sue Bloc Over Sanctions
Romania Slammed for Violating Privacy Rights of Transgender Citizens
Rights Court Balks at Off-Limits Witnesses in Dutch Trial
EU Ruling Broadens Facebook Vulnerability on Data Privacy
Child Welfare Scandal Topples Dutch Government
Refugees Protected by UN Not Automatically Barred From Asylum in EU
European Rights Court Takes Up Russian Annexation of Crimea
Owner of Truck Used for Smuggling Must Get Day in Court
US Extradition of Julian Assange Blocked by London Court
Joining World Stage, NATO Condemns Rioting Trumpers in Rare Political Rebuke


Immigrant Jailed in Russia for Not Disclosing Siblings Wins Rights Case
Top UN Court Agrees to Hear Guyana-Venezuela Border Fight
Shell Denies Climate Change Liability as Extraordinary Proceedings Come to Close
Ban on Ritual Animal Slaughter Upheld by EU High Court
Top EU Court Tosses Lawyer’s Challenge to Cyprus Bailout
UN Court Gives Hezbollah Militant Life for Killing Prime Minister
Equatorial Guinea Loses Challenge to Seizure of French Mansion
Rights Court Turns Away Irish Women Suing Over Birth Procedure
French Broadcaster Defeats Film Antitrust Deal at EU High Court
EU High Court Upholds Stronger Protections for Cross-Border Workers
Taxi-Hailing App Prevails in Challenge to Romanian Regulations
EU Magistrate: No Money Back for Flights Rerouted to Nearby Airport
Human Rights Court: Icelandic Judicial Appointments Were Illegal
Shell Faces Off Against Environmentalists in Dutch Climate Case
Dutch Trial Over Downed Malaysia Airlines Flight Set for February
Visa Denials Based on Foreign Complaints Must Be Explained, EU Court Rules
Court Holds Dutch Prosecutors Can’t Expand European Warrants Loses Appeal Over Hotel Case in Germany
EU Court Finds No Problem With Extra Leave for Single Moms
EU Court Strikes Down French Ban on Cannabis Extract
EU Court Calls Flight From Syrian Military Grounds for Asylum
Free in Russia, Commander Charged in MH17 Crash Offers Video Testimony
Polish Court Problems Can’t Stop Extraditions, EU Magistrate Says
Telecom Loses Appeal Over Pre-Selected Box on Shared Data
Russia Fined Over 2012 Arrest of Top Opposition Leader
Ex-Kosovo President Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes
Biden Win Brings Relief in Europe, Realigns World Politics
Kenyan Lawyer Denies Bribing Witnesses in Probe of Election Violence
Rights Court Backs Greek Journalist on Wrongful Conviction
As US Election Result Drags, the World Waits (and Worries)
German Tolls Shouldn’t Include Police Fees, Court Rules
Europe’s Top Court Rules for Jehovah’s Witness Child in Medical-Bias Case
Magistrate Sees No Harm in German Aid Said to Prop Up Ryanair
Opposition Leader Wins Free Speech Case Against Turkey
Ferrari Wins Back Testarossa Trademark at EU Court
Moldova Defends Pulling License of Critical TV Station
Romania Fined for Deporting Students Accused of Terrorism
EU Magistrate Backs Gross-Revenue Taxes in Poland, Hungary
Facebook, Belgian Data-Protection Watchdog Face Off at EU High Court
EU Court Blocks French Ad Ban on Foreign Medication
EU High Court Approves Country-of-Origin Labels for Food
Top French Court Upholds Extradition of Rwanda Genocide Suspect
EU Magistrate Pushes Back on Cashless Payment Rules
Former Kosovo Army Leader Appears Before War Crimes Tribunal
Suspect in Downing of MH17 Says He Wants to Testify
Changes That Shook Up Romanian Judiciary Draw Critical Eye at EU Court
EU Court Backs Paris Check Against Short-Term Airbnb Rentals
EU Magistrate Urges Dismissal of Suit Over Scandal-Driven Ouster
Fight Between US and Iran Over Sanctions Wraps at UN High Court
Finnish Police Chief Responsible for 2008 School Mass Shooting That Killed 11
Iran Urges UN High Court to Hear Fight Against US Sanctions
EU High Court Backs Net Neutrality Rules
US Defends Sanctions Against Iran at Top UN Court
Qatar Delivers Closing Arguments in Bias Case Against UAE
Qatar Accuses UAE of Racial Bias at UN High Court
Fight Over Qatar Blockade Returns to Top UN Court
White House Imposes Sanctions on Prosecutor Behind Afghanistan Probe
Fight Over Qatar Blockade Returns to Top UN Court
Families of Victims Seek Damages From Suspects in MH17 Plane Crash
Lack of Space Law Complicates Growing Debris Problem
‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Blasts Genocide Charges at UN Court
Ex-Bosnian Serb General Asks UN Court to Toss Genocide Conviction
Study Finds Billions in EU Farming Subsidies Are Being Misspent
Hezbollah Member Convicted in Killing of Former Lebanon Prime Minister
Even in a Lockdown, the Netherlands Is Eminently Bikeable
Search Underway for New International Criminal Court Prosecutor
Dutch Airline Loses Bias Case Brought by Woman Forced to Change Seats
Iranian Refugee Wins Transgender Rights Case Against Hungary
Top EU Court Throws Out US Data-Sharing Pact for Flouting Privacy
Rights Court Orders Azerbaijan to Pay Damages to Activist Couple
EU Court Throws Out $15 Billion Apple Tax Penalty
Top UN Court Rules for Qatar in Air Blockade Case
Mali War Crimes Trial Kicks Off in International Criminal Court
Netherlands Takes Russia to Human Rights Court Over MH17 Crash
EU Court Limits Disclosure of Data for Video Piracy Claims
Volkswagen Can Face Dieselgate Suits Outside Home Country, EU Judges Rule
Top European Court Punts Consumer Contract Dispute
Ban on Religious Animal Slaughter Fought at EU High Court
Polish Judiciary Faces Continued Scrutiny by Top EU Court
Border Dispute Between Guyana, Venezuela Hits UN Court
Dutch Court Limits Probe Into Air Disaster That Killed 298
EU High Court Denies Tax Break for Investment Giant
EU Magistrate Backs Challenges to Cross-Border Tax Disclosures
Mandatory Vaccinations Debated at Human Rights Court
Prosecutors Slam Bid for New Probe in Dutch Plane Crash Trial
Rights of Asylum Seekers Trampled in Hungary, EU Judge Observes
Top EU Court Rules Against Holding Asylum Seekers in Jail
EU High Court Rejects French Challenge to Budget Vote
Defense Team in Plane-Crash Trial Points Finger at Ukraine
Lawyers for Suspect in MH17 Plane Crash Cast Doubt on Investigation
Taking China to Court Over Virus Easier Said Than Done
Top EU Court Punts Immunity Case of Former Anti-Fraud Chief
EU High Court Strikes Down Hungary Law Targeting Nonprofits
Rights Court Orders Greece to Pay Widow in Sharia Law Case
White House Escalates Feud With International Criminal Court
Militia Leader Hauled Before Hague Court Denies War Crimes
World Leaders Practice Science Communication During Pandemic
Dutch Prosecutor Pushes Back on Russia in Plane Crash Trial
Dutch Trial Over Downed Plane Back On in Netherlands
More Countries Pass ‘Fake News’ Laws in Pandemic Era
Time Off for Special Events Isn’t Deferrable, EU Court Rules
EU Magistrate Backs $105M Fine for Pay-for-Delay Deals
Paris Court Orders Transfer of Rwanda Genocide Suspect to UN Tribunal
Rights Court Tells Armenian Judges to Take New Look at Ex-President’s Case
Magistrate Says EU Courts Can’t Hear Cases Against Group of Finance Ministers
EU Magistrate OKs Stricter Rules for Cross-Border Workers
Rights Court Slams Hungary for Suspending Reporter Credentials
Dutch Court OKs Nationwide Rollout of 5G Network
Rights Court Backs Trial Where Public Access Took Back Seat
EU Magistrate Says Countries Can’t Ban CBD Imports
‘Family Drama’ Article Invaded Privacy, Rights Court Rules
Airlines Lose Challenge to Clawback of Italian State Aid
EU Judges Warn Against Contradictory Rulings in National Courts
Rights Court Backs Albania on How It Makes Up for Communist Ills
EU Magistrate Rejects Challenge to Funding for UK Nuclear Plant
Top EU Court Says Relatives of Ferry Victims Can Sue in Italy
Rights Court Turns Away Syrian Refugees Seeking Belgian Visas
Would-Be Protesters Lose Challenge of Arrests in Romania
EU Magistrate Shoots Down Volkswagen Defense in Emissions Case
Top EU Court Rules Italy Can Tax Public Pensions of Expatriates
Irish Lotto Winner Wins Human Rights Case Over Court Delays
EU Court Says Border Police Are Covered by Work Time Limits
EU Top Court Dings Austria, Finland for Allowing Wild Bird Hunting
EU Magistrate Calls Hungary Refugee Detention Illegal
Anti-Gay Lawyer Loses Appeal to Europe’s Top Court
EU Court Says Airlines Must Include Extra Fees in Ticket Prices
Dutch High Court Allows Euthanasia for Some Dementia Patients
Dutch Woman Loses Bid for Abortion Pill Without Clinic Visit
European Officials Set Controls for Virus Tracking Apps
‘Every Courtroom Is Different’: Dutch Judges Navigate Virus Crisis
Top EU Court Shuts Down Nationalist Party’s Panel for Culling Polish Judges
Top EU Court Calls for More Scrutiny in Extradition Cases
EU Adviser: Consumers Can Sue Over VW Scandal in Home Courts
EU Court Says Countries Didn’t Meet Refugee Quotas
Airbnb Suffers Court Blow on Paris Registration Rules
Pandemic Invades Body of European Union
Rights Court Slams Portugal Justices for Rejecting Cases on Formalities
European Air Pollution Plummets During Virus Lockdowns
EU Court Expands Right to Be Paid for Flight Delays
Top EU Court Calls for Clarity in Credit Agreements
EU High Court Turns Away Dispute Over Polish Judicial Reforms
Far-Right Dutch Politician Loses Fight Against News Outlet
Store on Dutch-Belgian Border Half-Closed Amid Outbreak
Russia Ordered to Pay Owners of Demolished Buildings
European Court Fines Romania for Not Probing Fatal Car Crash
Trial Over Downed Plane Presses on Amid Outbreak
EU Adviser Says Courts Can Change Unfair Contract Terms
Court Finds EU Employment Rules Cover Interim Workers
Environmental Group Loses Fight for EU Trade Records
EU Won’t Stop Member States From Seizing Assets of Accused
A Hair Discriminatory: Dutch Salons Urged to Drop Pricing by Gender
Europe Weighs Banning Outside Travelers Amid More Lockdowns
Defense Team Urges Leniency for Accused Ugandan Warlord
Top-Down Study Not Needed to Rule Contract Unfair, EU Court Says
Former Child Soldier on Trial at Hague Criminal Court
Dutch Court Ends First Phase of Trial Over Downed Flight
Trial Kicks Off for Suspects in MH17 Plane Crash
European Court to Decide if Amazon Owes $277 Million in Taxes
Amazon Fights EU Order to Pay Back Taxes to Luxembourg
Hague Court Reopens Probe of US War Crimes in Afghanistan
Top EU Court Punts Extradition Case of Spanish Rapper
European Court Upholds Hungarian Tax on Telecom Operators
Hungary Founders at EU Court in Google Tax Spat
High-Security Courthouse Hosts Amsterdam Assassination Case
Sex Pills Aren’t Food, EU Magistrate Says in Dutch Tax Spat
Top EU Court Rejects Challenge to Italian Gambling Taxes
Human Rights Court Rules for Convicted Icelandic Banker
France Assailed at UN for Prosecuting Equatorial Guinean Leader
Dutch Court Orders Russia to Pay $50B to Oil Shareholders
International Court Paves Way for Trial of Mali War Crimes Suspect
Bulgaria Blocked From Deporting Uighur Muslims to China
In Google Challenge of $2.6B Fine, EU Judge Talks of Raising It
‘A Clear Infraction’: EU Judge Has Stern Words for Google Conduct
Google, EU Bring Battle Over $2.6B Antitrust Fine to Court
Top EU Court Loosens Rules for Legal Representation
Ex-Ivorian President Lobbies for Full Release Pending Atrocities Retrial
EU Court Adviser Limits Breast Implant Claims to France
United Kingdom to Stay Tied to EU Court in 2020
EU High Court Takes Up Romanian Rule of Law
EU Adviser Slams Drugmaker Over Pay-for-Delay Deals
EU Magistrate Slams Hungary Rules for Foreign-Funded NGOs
Lithuania Blasted for Turning Blind Eye to Anti-LGBT Facebook Posts
Russian Fraud Trials of Energy Executives Ruled Unfair
EU Court Urged to Limit Access to Personal Data
Rights Court Leaves Bosnian War Murder Case to Croatia
Experts Say US-Iran Dispute Won’t Land in International Court
Dutch Court Orders Emissions Cuts in Landmark Climate Case


Top EU Court Clears Airbnb in French Licensing Dispute
E-Book Resales Run Afoul of Copyright Law, EU Court Rules
EU-US Data Transfers Get Approval Nod From Court Magistrate
Dutch Finance Minister Steps Down Amid Child Care Fraud Scandal
Dutch Court Blocks Supermarket Protest Planned by Farmers
Myanmar Leader Asks UN Court to Toss Genocide Case
EU Court Rejects Trademark for Italian Cannabis Shop
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi Told to ‘Stop the Genocide’
Peace Prize Winner Defends Myanmar Against Genocide Claims
Last Hope Fading for War Crimes Probe in Afghanistan
Hearing Over Qatar Airspace Blockade Wraps in UN Court
Victims Fight for Probe of War Crimes in Afghanistan
International Court Asked to Open Afghan War Crimes Probe
No Charges to Be Brought in Gaza Freedom Flotilla Case
Qatar Fights Airspace Blockade in Top UN Court
Dispute Over Qatar Airspace Blockade Lands in UN High Court
New EU Leader Begins Work on Climate Crisis and Equality
Congolese Politician Loses Appeal of Witness-Tampering Sentence
New European Commission Approved by Parliament After Delay
Children’s Peace Prize Shared by Thunberg, Cameroon Activist
Russia Loses Protest Cases in European Rights Court
European Commission on Track to Start in December
Lawmakers Advance Two Picks for Incoming European Commission
European Commission Moves to Fill Vacancies Amid Delay
Congolese Warlord Gets 30 Years for Crimes Against Humanity
Top UN Court Agrees to Hear Ukraine Case Against Russia
Human Rights Court Shields Workers From Speech Retaliation
EU Hits Snarls in Filling European Commission
Dutch University Defends Women-Only Job Openings
Greece Can’t Force Parents to Reveal Beliefs for Religious Exemption
UK, Netherlands Found Liable for Territories’ Failure to Tax Exports
Islamic State Women Ask Netherlands to Repatriate Them
Kurdish Activist Wins Free Speech Case Against Turkey
France Racked Up 9 Years of Pollution Infractions
French Supermarket’s Fight of Fines Turned Down by European Rights Court
Head of US Chemical Firm Grilled Over French Factory Blaze
US Envoy Pushes Back on Plan to Try Dutch IS Fighters in Iraq
Rights Court Exempts Jehovah’s Witnesses From Military Service
Green Parties Make Big Gains in Swiss Parliament
Dutch Farmers Snarl Traffic in Latest Protest of Emissions Cuts
Dutch Court Hands Down 26-Year Sentence for Train Station Attack
Switzerland, UAE Removed From European Tax Haven Lists
Two Nobel Prizes in Literature Awarded After Hiatus Last Year
European Court Rules Press Must Have Access to Immigration Centers
Dutch Farmers Wreak Traffic Chaos in Tractor-Powered Protest
EU Court Says Facebook Is Subject to Worldwide Content Removal
UN Court Pauses Pretrial Hearing in African War Crimes Case
France Looks to Meet Climate Goals With Green Budget
Human Rights Court Turns Away Hungarian Oil Boss
UN Court Will Hold Trial for Timbuktu War-Crimes Suspect
EU Tax Penalty Upheld in $33M Blow to Fiat
Google Wins Landmark EU Case Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’
EU Court Nixes $33M Tax Penalty Against Starbucks
African War Crimes Suspect Denies Charges in UN Court
UN Criminal Court Urged to Hold Trial for Militia Suspects
Apple, Ireland Wrap Arguments Over $14B EU Tax Bill
Apple and Ireland Fight Against EU War on Corporate Tax Deals
Ukraine and Russia Face Off in Human Rights Court
Dutch Doctor Acquitted of Murder in Landmark Euthanasia Case
British Investment in Netherlands Surges as Brexit Looms
‘Distance Mother’ Sues Dutch State for Taking Her Child Away in the 1960s
International Criminal Court Told to Reconsider Case of Israeli Attack
Dutch City Cuts Ribbon on World’s Largest Bike Garage
Fathers of Detained American Teenagers Arrive In Italy
Uber Rolls Out Anti-Bias Feature in Netherlands
India and Italy Fight Over Jurisdiction in International-Waters Shooting
UN Criminal Court Upholds Reparations for Congo Victims
Dutch Supreme Court Affirms Nation’s Role in Massacre
India Wins Battle Against Rival Pakistan in Top UN Court
UN Court to Decide if Timbuktu War Crimes Suspect Faces Trial
Timbuktu Man Fights War Crimes Charges in UN Criminal Court
Spat Over New EU-US Data Sharing Pact Hits EU High Court
UN Court Probes Evidence Against Mali War Crimes Suspect
Congolese Warlord Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity
Holland’s Arch Criminal Convicted of Five Murders
Dutch Court Rules for Aerospace Giant Airbus in Battle Over Rocket Parts
UN Court Rejects UAE Bid for Measures Against Qatar
UN High Court to Decide Ukraine Fight Against Russia
Ukraine Argues Case Against Russia in UN High Court
EU States Eye Tribunal to Prosecute Islamic State Fighters
Russia Fights Claims of Rebel Support in Top UN Court
Pompeo Calls for Less Regulation at Meeting of Business Leaders
Dutch Court Hears Fight to Move Orca to Sanctuary
Belgium Faces Difficult Coalition Process
UN Tribunal Orders Russia to Return Captured Ukraine Sailors
Qatar, UAE Wrap Diplomatic Bias Case at UN High Court
Qatar Argues Case for UAE Bias in Top UN Court
UAE Fights Qatar Bias Claim in UN High Court
UN Court Slams Jordan on Freedom of Sudan’s Bashir
US Denies Entry to Dutch Lawyer Who Defends Terror Suspects
UK Parliament Rejects 4 More Paths to Orderly Brexit
More Small UK Companies See Brexit as Bad for Business
Britain Lost in Three-Year Search for Way Out of Europe
Delay on Climate Action Exposes Rift Between EU States
UN Court Slaps ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ With Life Sentence
Far-Right Party Makes Big Gains in Dutch Election
Coalition Government Shaky as Dutch Voters Head to Polls
Philippines Quits UN Criminal Court Over Probe
Dutch Teachers Demand More Money in Latest Strike
UN Court Says UK Must End Administration of Chagos Islands
India, Pakistan Stir Up Past Beefs in Spat Over Suspected Spy
India, Pakistan Battle Over Suspected Spy at UN Court
India and Pakistan Take Battle Over Spy Suspect to UN Court
Iran’s Beef Over US Asset Seizure Advanced by UN Court