Delft Writing Group

The Delft Writing Group meets every Wednesday evening at 19:30 at De Klomp in Delft.

Every week, we have a short writing-related workshop that begins at 19:30. This includes some information on a topic and usually a short assingment. From 20:15 until 22:00 we have a free writing session. If you do not wish to join for the workshop, please arrive at 20:00, as to not disrupt the workshop.

You do not need to register to join, though should you want to be kept up to date about the organisation, you can subcribe via our registration form.

Further, on the first Wednesday of the month, the we host a critique session. Each month, every member submits a piece of writing, from any genre, to be critiqued by the group. We welcome writers from all levels of experience. Submissions to the writing group must be in English.


Do I need to be a member or pay a fee to join?

Do I need to be a student to join?

Do I need to live in Delft to join?
It does make it more convient for you to live in Delft but we do have members from all over the Netherlands.

What if I only want to come to the free writing session?
You’re more than welcome to only attend the free writing session. We only ask that you don’t disrupt the workshop and arrive at 20:15.

What is a free writing session?
A space for you to write. Bring your laptop or notebook and come work on whatever you would like it. Please note that De Klomp does not have wifi.

What if I forget a pen? Or paper?
We’ve got some extra, as well as extension cords for laptops.

Are drinks/snacks included?
No. You can purchase drinks and snacks from the bar.

How does the critique session work?
Each month, every member submits a piece of writing, from any genre, to be critiqued by the group. Submissions should be submitted in a PDF format. Anyone who submits is expected to attend the meeting and have read all of the other submissions and be prepared to offer comments. We do not accept editing work for academic publications such as journal articles or theses. For the rest of the regulations, please read the Guidelines.

Do I have to write in English to participate?
You can write in whatever language you choose. The meetings are held in English and submissions for the critique session must be in English. If you’re interested in Dutch writing, you can check out Schrijven in Delft.

I have another question. How can I ask it?
Please send an email to