The Five Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make On Social Media

The Five Biggest Mistakes CoverJust as the title says, The Five Biggest Mistakes outlines the five mistakes Social Media and Online Marketing Consultant Molly Quell sees small businesses make when using social media. She has worked with companies ranging from freelancers to large corporations and has seen (and made) her share of mistakes.

No matter where your business is with its social media strategy, this book can help you increase sales, better customer relationships, and improve brand awareness.

What others are saying about The Five Biggest Mistakes…

“Focused at small business owners, The Five Biggest Mistakes hones in on simple advice social media novices can use but, as the book points out, corrects mistakes even frequent social media users make.” – Delft INA

“Many of my clients struggle with trying to decide which social media outlets to use. This book opened my eyes to the mistakes they were making in putting out too little content, too sporadically and to the wrong audience. I think that this guide is a must have for small business owners who want to use social media to grow their customer base but need to do it on a DIY budget.” – Lynn Morrison, MOLO Marketing & Design

In The Five Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make On Social Media, the author presents pitfalls to avoid and solutions to common hurdles and misunderstandings regarding a variety of social networks. Experienced web folks as well as “newbies” to social media can take away plenty of widely applicable, easy to understand strategies for building and maintaining an online presence. Social media can be widely misunderstood, especially when transitioning from personal to business accounts, and Ms.Quell has created a concise, informational primer that all small business owners and organizations can trust to clear their misconceptions and guide their social presence.” -Lauren Madar, Liquid Leaf Dynamics

I really enjoyed reading 5 mistakes. Even as someone working in the field of social media, I learnt a few new things. I particularly like the way Molly has set it all out with clear examples and specific “what not to do” tips. It’s an easy read without being too superficial but has enough quality information there to really make a difference to your social media understanding.” –Renee Veldman-Tentori, Zestee

The book is well-written and the information is useful. I’ve incorporated much of it into my own social media strategy.” –Jett Dadswell, Jett’s Black and Bleached Hair Architects

“All in all, this is a very helpful book. If you’re a small business just starting your social media journey, or a more seasoned user who still has some questions, this book is for you. Even if you’re an experienced user of social media, I would advise you to read it anyway, because some answers may just surprise you!” –The European Mama