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Iran’s Beef Over US Asset Seizure Advanced by UN Court
India and Pakistan Take Battle Over Spy Suspect to UN Court
India, Pakistan Battle Over Suspected Spy at UN Court
India, Pakistan Stir Up Past Beefs in Spat Over Suspected Spy
UN Court Says UK Must End Administration of Chagos Islands
Dutch Teachers Demand More Money in Latest Strike
Philippines Quits UN Criminal Court Over Probe
Coalition Government Shaky as Dutch Voters Head to Polls
Far-Right Party Makes Big Gains in Dutch Election
UN Court Slaps ‘Butcher of Bosnia’ With Life Sentence
Delay on Climate Action Exposes Rift Between EU States
Britain Lost in Three-Year Search for Way Out of Europe
More Small UK Companies See Brexit as Bad for Business
UK Parliament Rejects 4 More Paths to Orderly Brexit
US Denies Entry to Dutch Lawyer Who Defends Terror Suspects
UN Court Slams Jordan on Freedom of Sudan’s Bashir
UAE Fights Qatar Bias Claim in UN High Court
Qatar Argues Case for UAE Bias in Top UN Court
Qatar, UAE Wrap Diplomatic Bias Case at UN High Court
UN Tribunal Orders Russia to Return Captured Ukraine Sailors
Belgium Faces Difficult Coalition Process
Dutch Court Hears Fight to Move Orca to Sanctuary
Pompeo Calls for Less Regulation at Meeting of Business Leaders
Russia Fights Claims of Rebel Support in Top UN Court
EU States Eye Tribunal to Prosecute Islamic State Fighters
Ukraine Argues Case Against Russia in UN High Court
UN High Court to Decide Ukraine Fight Against Russia
UN Court Rejects UAE Bid for Measures Against Qatar
Dutch Court Rules for Aerospace Giant Airbus in Battle Over Rocket Parts
Holland’s Arch Criminal Convicted of Five Murders
Congolese Warlord Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity
UN Court Probes Evidence Against Mali War Crimes Suspect
Spat Over New EU-US Data Sharing Pact Hits EU High Court
Timbuktu Man Fights War Crimes Charges in UN Criminal Court
UN Court to Decide if Timbuktu War Crimes Suspect Faces Trial
India Wins Battle Against Rival Pakistan in Top UN Court
Dutch Supreme Court Affirms Nation’s Role in Massacre
UN Criminal Court Upholds Reparations for Congo Victims
India and Italy Fight Over Jurisdiction in International-Waters Shooting
Uber Rolls Out Anti-Bias Feature in Netherlands
Fathers of Detained American Teenagers Arrive In Italy
Dutch City Cuts Ribbon on World’s Largest Bike Garage
International Criminal Court Told to Reconsider Case of Israeli Attack
‘Distance Mother’ Sues Dutch State for Taking Her Child Away in the 1960s
British Investment in Netherlands Surges as Brexit Looms
Dutch Doctor Acquitted of Murder in Landmark Euthanasia Case
Ukraine and Russia Face Off in Human Rights Court
Apple and Ireland Fight Against EU War on Corporate Tax Deals
Apple, Ireland Wrap Arguments Over $14B EU Tax Bill
UN Criminal Court Urged to Hold Trial for Militia Suspects
African War Crimes Suspect Denies Charges in UN Court
EU Court Nixes $33M Tax Penalty Against Starbucks
Google Wins Landmark EU Case Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’
EU Tax Penalty Upheld in $33M Blow to Fiat
UN Court Will Hold Trial for Timbuktu War-Crimes Suspect
Human Rights Court Turns Away Hungarian Oil Boss
France Looks to Meet Climate Goals With Green Budget
UN Court Pauses Pretrial Hearing in African War Crimes Case
EU Court Says Facebook Is Subject to Worldwide Content Removal
Dutch Farmers Wreak Traffic Chaos in Tractor-Powered Protest
European Court Rules Press Must Have Access to Immigration Centers
Two Nobel Prizes in Literature Awarded After Hiatus Last Year
Switzerland, UAE Removed From European Tax Haven Lists
Dutch Court Hands Down 26-Year Sentence for Train Station Attack
Dutch Farmers Snarl Traffic in Latest Protest of Emissions Cuts
Green Parties Make Big Gains in Swiss Parliament
Rights Court Exempts Jehovah’s Witnesses From Military Service
US Envoy Pushes Back on Plan to Try Dutch IS Fighters in Iraq
Head of US Chemical Firm Grilled Over French Factory Blaze
French Supermarket’s Fight of Fines Turned Down by European Rights Court
France Racked Up 9 Years of Pollution Infractions
Kurdish Activist Wins Free Speech Case Against Turkey
Islamic State Women Ask Netherlands to Repatriate Them
UK, Netherlands Found Liable for Territories’ Failure to Tax Exports
Greece Can’t Force Parents to Reveal Beliefs for Religious Exemption
Dutch University Defends Women-Only Job Openings
EU Hits Snarls in Filling European Commission
Human Rights Court Shields Workers From Speech Retaliation
Top UN Court Agrees to Hear Ukraine Case Against Russia
Congolese Warlord Gets 30 Years for Crimes Against Humanity
European Commission Moves to Fill Vacancies Amid Delay
Lawmakers Advance Two Picks for Incoming European Commission
European Commission on Track to Start in December
Russia Loses Protest Cases in European Rights Court
Children’s Peace Prize Shared by Thunberg, Cameroon Activist
New European Commission Approved by Parliament After Delay
Congolese Politician Loses Appeal of Witness-Tampering Sentence
New EU Leader Begins Work on Climate Crisis and Equality
Dispute Over Qatar Airspace Blockade Lands in UN High Court
Qatar Fights Airspace Blockade in Top UN Court
No Charges to Be Brought in Gaza Freedom Flotilla Case
International Court Asked to Open Afghan War Crimes Probe
Victims Fight for Probe of War Crimes in Afghanistan
Hearing Over Qatar Airspace Blockade Wraps in UN Court
Last Hope Fading for War Crimes Probe in Afghanistan
Peace Prize Winner Defends Myanmar Against Genocide Claims
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi Told to ‘Stop the Genocide’
EU Court Rejects Trademark for Italian Cannabis Shop
Myanmar Leader Asks UN Court to Toss Genocide Case
Dutch Court Blocks Supermarket Protest Planned by Farmers
Dutch Finance Minister Steps Down Amid Child Care Fraud Scandal
EU-US Data Transfers Get Approval Nod From Court Magistrate
E-Book Resales Run Afoul of Copyright Law, EU Court Rules
Top EU Court Clears Airbnb in French Licensing Dispute
Dutch Court Orders Emissions Cuts in Landmark Climate Case
Experts Say US-Iran Dispute Won’t Land in International Court
Rights Court Leaves Bosnian War Murder Case to Croatia
EU Court Urged to Limit Access to Personal Data
Russian Fraud Trials of Energy Executives Ruled Unfair
Lithuania Blasted for Turning Blind Eye to Anti-LGBT Facebook Posts
EU Magistrate Slams Hungary Rules for Foreign-Funded NGOs
EU Adviser Slams Drugmaker Over Pay-for-Delay Deals
EU High Court Takes Up Romanian Rule of Law
United Kingdom to Stay Tied to EU Court in 2020
EU Court Adviser Limits Breast Implant Claims to France
Ex-Ivorian President Lobbies for Full Release Pending Atrocities Retrial
Top EU Court Loosens Rules for Legal Representation
Google, EU Bring Battle Over $2.6B Antitrust Fine to Court
‘A Clear Infraction’: EU Judge Has Stern Words for Google Conduct
In Google Challenge of $2.6B Fine, EU Judge Talks of Raising It
Bulgaria Blocked From Deporting Uighur Muslims to China
International Court Paves Way for Trial of Mali War Crimes Suspect
Dutch Court Orders Russia to Pay $50B to Oil Shareholders
France Assailed at UN for Prosecuting Equatorial Guinean Leader
Human Rights Court Rules for Convicted Icelandic Banker
Top EU Court Rejects Challenge to Italian Gambling Taxes
Sex Pills Aren’t Food, EU Magistrate Says in Dutch Tax Spat
High-Security Courthouse Hosts Amsterdam Assassination Case
Hungary Founders at EU Court in Google Tax Spat
European Court Upholds Hungarian Tax on Telecom Operators
Top EU Court Punts Extradition Case of Spanish Rapper
Hague Court Reopens Probe of US War Crimes in Afghanistan
Amazon Fights EU Order to Pay Back Taxes to Luxembourg
European Court to Decide if Amazon Owes $277 Million in Taxes
Trial Kicks Off for Suspects in MH17 Plane Crash
Dutch Court Ends First Phase of Trial Over Downed Flight
Former Child Soldier on Trial at Hague Criminal Court
Top-Down Study Not Needed to Rule Contract Unfair, EU Court Says
Defense Team Urges Leniency for Accused Ugandan Warlord
Europe Weighs Banning Outside Travelers Amid More Lockdowns
A Hair Discriminatory: Dutch Salons Urged to Drop Pricing by Gender
EU Won’t Stop Member States From Seizing Assets of Accused
Environmental Group Loses Fight for EU Trade Records
Court Finds EU Employment Rules Cover Interim Workers
EU Adviser Says Courts Can Change Unfair Contract Terms
Trial Over Downed Plane Presses on Amid Outbreak
European Court Fines Romania for Not Probing Fatal Car Crash
Russia Ordered to Pay Owners of Demolished Buildings
Store on Dutch-Belgian Border Half-Closed Amid Outbreak
Far-Right Dutch Politician Loses Fight Against News Outlet
EU High Court Turns Away Dispute Over Polish Judicial Reforms
Top EU Court Calls for Clarity in Credit Agreements
EU Court Expands Right to Be Paid for Flight Delays
European Air Pollution Plummets During Virus Lockdowns
Rights Court Slams Portugal Justices for Rejecting Cases on Formalities
Pandemic Invades Body of European Union
Airbnb Suffers Court Blow on Paris Registration Rules
EU Court Says Countries Didn’t Meet Refugee Quotas
EU Adviser: Consumers Can Sue Over VW Scandal in Home Courts
Top EU Court Calls for More Scrutiny in Extradition Cases
Top EU Court Shuts Down Nationalist Party’s Panel for Culling Polish Judges
‘Every Courtroom Is Different’: Dutch Judges Navigate Virus Crisis
European Officials Set Controls for Virus Tracking Apps
Dutch Woman Loses Bid for Abortion Pill Without Clinic Visit
Dutch High Court Allows Euthanasia for Some Dementia Patients
EU Court Says Airlines Must Include Extra Fees in Ticket Prices
Anti-Gay Lawyer Loses Appeal to Europe’s Top Court
EU Magistrate Calls Hungary Refugee Detention Illegal
EU Top Court Dings Austria, Finland for Allowing Wild Bird Hunting
EU Court Says Border Police Are Covered by Work Time Limits
Irish Lotto Winner Wins Human Rights Case Over Court Delays
Top EU Court Rules Italy Can Tax Public Pensions of Expatriates
EU Magistrate Shoots Down Volkswagen Defense in Emissions Case
Would-Be Protesters Lose Challenge of Arrests in Romania
Rights Court Turns Away Syrian Refugees Seeking Belgian Visas
Top EU Court Says Relatives of Ferry Victims Can Sue in Italy
EU Magistrate Rejects Challenge to Funding for UK Nuclear Plant
Rights Court Backs Albania on How It Makes Up for Communist Ills
EU Judges Warn Against Contradictory Rulings in National Courts
Airlines Lose Challenge to Clawback of Italian State Aid
‘Family Drama’ Article Invaded Privacy, Rights Court Rules
EU Magistrate Says Countries Can’t Ban CBD Imports
Rights Court Backs Trial Where Public Access Took Back Seat
Dutch Court OKs Nationwide Rollout of 5G Network
Rights Court Slams Hungary for Suspending Reporter Credentials
EU Magistrate OKs Stricter Rules for Cross-Border Workers
Magistrate Says EU Courts Can’t Hear Cases Against Group of Finance Ministers
Rights Court Tells Armenian Judges to Take New Look at Ex-President’s Case
Paris Court Orders Transfer of Rwanda Genocide Suspect to UN Tribunal
EU Magistrate Backs $105M Fine for Pay-for-Delay Deals
Time Off for Special Events Isn’t Deferrable, EU Court Rules
More Countries Pass ‘Fake News’ Laws in Pandemic Era
Dutch Trial Over Downed Plane Back On in Netherlands
Dutch Prosecutor Pushes Back on Russia in Plane Crash Trial
World Leaders Practice Science Communication During Pandemic
Militia Leader Hauled Before Hague Court Denies War Crimes
White House Escalates Feud With International Criminal Court
Rights Court Orders Greece to Pay Widow in Sharia Law Case
EU High Court Strikes Down Hungary Law Targeting Nonprofits
Top EU Court Punts Immunity Case of Former Anti-Fraud Chief
Taking China to Court Over Virus Easier Said Than Done
Lawyers for Suspect in MH17 Plane Crash Cast Doubt on Investigation
Defense Team in Plane-Crash Trial Points Finger at Ukraine
EU High Court Rejects French Challenge to Budget Vote
Top EU Court Rules Against Holding Asylum Seekers in Jail
Rights of Asylum Seekers Trampled in Hungary, EU Judge Observes
Prosecutors Slam Bid for New Probe in Dutch Plane Crash Trial
Mandatory Vaccinations Debated at Human Rights Court
EU Magistrate Backs Challenges to Cross-Border Tax Disclosures
EU High Court Denies Tax Break for Investment Giant
Dutch Court Limits Probe Into Air Disaster That Killed 298
Border Dispute Between Guyana, Venezuela Hits UN Court
Polish Judiciary Faces Continued Scrutiny by Top EU Court
Ban on Religious Animal Slaughter Fought at EU High Court
Top European Court Punts Consumer Contract Dispute
Volkswagen Can Face Dieselgate Suits Outside Home Country, EU Judges Rule
EU Court Limits Disclosure of Data for Video Piracy Claims
Netherlands Takes Russia to Human Rights Court Over MH17 Crash
Mali War Crimes Trial Kicks Off in International Criminal Court
Top UN Court Rules for Qatar in Air Blockade Case
EU Court Throws Out $15 Billion Apple Tax Penalty
Rights Court Orders Azerbaijan to Pay Damages to Activist Couple
Top EU Court Throws Out US Data-Sharing Pact for Flouting Privacy
Iranian Refugee Wins Transgender Rights Case Against Hungary
Dutch Airline Loses Bias Case Brought by Woman Forced to Change Seats
Search Underway for New International Criminal Court Prosecutor
Even in a Lockdown, the Netherlands Is Eminently Bikeable
Hezbollah Member Convicted in Killing of Former Lebanon Prime Minister
Study Finds Billions in EU Farming Subsidies Are Being Misspent
Ex-Bosnian Serb General Asks UN Court to Toss Genocide Conviction
‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Blasts Genocide Charges at UN Court
Lack of Space Law Complicates Growing Debris Problem
Families of Victims Seek Damages From Suspects in MH17 Plane Crash
Fight Over Qatar Blockade Returns to Top UN Court
White House Imposes Sanctions on Prosecutor Behind Afghanistan Probe
Fight Over Qatar Blockade Returns to Top UN Court
Qatar Accuses UAE of Racial Bias at UN High Court
Qatar Delivers Closing Arguments in Bias Case Against UAE
US Defends Sanctions Against Iran at Top UN Court
EU High Court Backs Net Neutrality Rules
Iran Urges UN High Court to Hear Fight Against US Sanctions
Finnish Police Chief Responsible for 2008 School Mass Shooting That Killed 11
Fight Between US and Iran Over Sanctions Wraps at UN High Court
EU Magistrate Urges Dismissal of Suit Over Scandal-Driven Ouster
EU Court Backs Paris Check Against Short-Term Airbnb Rentals
Changes That Shook Up Romanian Judiciary Draw Critical Eye at EU Court
Suspect in Downing of MH17 Says He Wants to Testify
Former Kosovo Army Leader Appears Before War Crimes Tribunal
EU Magistrate Pushes Back on Cashless Payment Rules
Top French Court Upholds Extradition of Rwanda Genocide Suspect
EU High Court Approves Country-of-Origin Labels for Food
EU Court Blocks French Ad Ban on Foreign Medication
Facebook, Belgian Data-Protection Watchdog Face Off at EU High Court
EU Magistrate Backs Gross-Revenue Taxes in Poland, Hungary
Romania Fined for Deporting Students Accused of Terrorism
Moldova Defends Pulling License of Critical TV Station
Ferrari Wins Back Testarossa Trademark at EU Court